Hello and welcome to Heroes of Artifact!  I am the site’s creator, Blevins, and I wanted to start off with a post about why I started the site, and what I want this project to really be.

First off, a bit of background on me.  I have been podcasting since 2011 across many games.  I started with a local Magic: The Gathering podcast, moved into Hearthstone, and finally to my current home Overwatch.  I co-founded and co-host High Noon Podcast, which is the longest running Overwatch esports podcast. I have made lifelong friends and built amazing relationships in the three years that I’ve been doing that.  Though I have no plan to stop my Overwatch coverage, Artifact is going to be a very big venture for me to get in to.


As for my card game background I played MTG at a competitive level for over 10 years.  From there I shifted my focus to Hearthstone where I have been a legend player for many years.  While my tournament days in those games are over, I am still  passionate about play card games competitively.


Heroes of Artifact is a place to get top quality Artifact content.  Whether it’s expert analysis of cards, decks, and metas or the latest beat on the market, HoA is your source for everything Artifact.

HoA is starting as a place for me to put all of my content.  Written, video, and audio content are all on the menu for my Artifact content creation.  I want HoA to provide the content that you want to see. If you have any suggestions for content, or if you want to contribute yourself send an email to HeroesOfArtifact@gmail.com.

The website is still in soft launch, so please excuse the clutter and general sloppiness of it. If you have some tips for an amateur web designer, send them to Blevmedia@gmail.com 😉